What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is nothing but one of the parts on internet that are actually not indexed by the search engines. The dark web is considered to be the hotbed for criminal activities. In recent years Dark Web has become worse and there are many Dark Web listings that are said to harm an enterprise.

Here it is possible to buy all kinds of drugs, credit card numbers, and guns, stolen credentials for subscriptions, counterfeit money, and even hacked accounts of Netflix. There is software available that helps in breaking into some computer. There is a different price for different items. For example, login credentials may be available for a bank account is available for $500.

But everything here is not illegal. There is a legitimate side to this dark web. There are BlackBook and chess club for which you can become member.

Tools which are at risk

  • Attacks or infections that include even malware, botnets, and even DDoS
  • Access that includes exploits, keyloggers, and even RATs or remote access Trojans
  • Espionage that also includes services, targeting, and customization
  • Tutorials and many other support services
  • Refunds
  • Phishing
  • Credentials
  • Operational data
  • Customer data
  • Financial data
  • Trade secrets and intellectual properties
  • Other emerging threats

There are three risk variables for each of these 12 categories. They are:

  • Enterprise devaluing- this may include undermining the reputational damage, brand trust, and even losing the actual ground to some competitor
  • The next thing can be disrupting the enterprise. This may include malware attacks, DDoS attacks that affect the actual business operations
  • Another most important risk is defrauding the actual enterprise. This usually includes Espionage, IP theft that may impair the actual ability of an enterprise and result in heavy financial loss. Adult dating/hookup sites like https://localsexfinder.app are often targets of this as sexfinder sites are often easy targets for those with malicious intent.

Browser and dark web

All the activities mentioned above and looking at the bustling marketplace may make you think that it is easy to navigate through the dark web. But it is not true. This place is more chaotic and messy than you expect. The many reasons are it looks more anonymous when you are surrounded by people whom you don’t know.

It is very important to use the anonymous browser when you are accessing the dark web. The majority of people make use of Tor. This browser will route the actual request through many proxy servers that are operated via many volunteers all over the world. This helps in making the IP address difficult to identify. It is really hard to trace the IP address. Tor actually works like some magic. But the result is actually maddeningly slow, and unbelievable, and unpredictable.

Search engine

There is a search engine called a dark web search engine. But it is really hard to keep up with the landscape which is constantly shifting. There is the best search engine known as Grams. But even this results in repetitive results. In some cases even Grams result in irrelevant results. There is one more option called The Hidden Wiki that is nothing but Link lists. But even the indices sometimes result in timed-out connections that are really frustrating.

Dark web sites

This looks very much like any other site. But there are some differences mainly the naming structure. General sites end with .co, or .com but the dark web sites usually end in .onion. this represents anonymous and hidden service. The service can be reached through a Tor network. It is possible to reach out to these sites when the user has appropriate proxy in their browsers.

There is one more difference between dark web sites and other sites. That is scrambled naming is used by these dark web sites. This is the reason URLs of dark web sites are challenging to remember. For example, ‘eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion is the unintelligence address used by the commerce site known as Dream Market.

The majority of the dark web sites are usually set up scammers. Scammers who frequently move around do this and it helps them in avoiding the wrath related to their victims. There is chance that very popular commerce sites which have existed for years may disappear suddenly. This happens if the owners decide for cash in and they flee.

But best thing officials of law enforcement are getting better day by day in prosecuting and finding the owners of these sites that sell services and goods. A few years back, the site called AlphaBay was made to shut down by a team of cybercops from 3 major countries. This was the major source of dark web for contraband that was sending shudders all over the network.

Tor is highly vulnerable and it comes with anonymous nature. It is vulnerable mainly to DDoS that is distributed denial of service attacks. This is the reason sites are changing their address constantly for avoiding DDoS. This results in a highly dynamic environment. …